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Periodic Table

Many of you have been asking where you can get a copy of the periodic table of the elelments to help you with your chemistry homework. Our Reference Desk Librarian, Mr. E. Rose, has found one for you! Click on to go to the web site that not only has the table, but also lots of info on the elements themselves!

William Shakespeare
Quote for the Day:

"To be,
or not to be,
is the question..."

Calendars and Planners

The neat 2006 or 2007 calendars and the daily or weekly planners that your friends have been using are all available here online.

"In the Beginning..."

Bible studies can be fun! Click Genesis 1 to begin your review.

SuDoKu Rules!

If you haven't started playing this numbers game you can get started by looking at this sample game. The rule is to fill in the grid so every row and every column and every 3x3 box has the numbers 1 through 9 repeated only once. NO MATH NEEDED! Use your reasoning and logic (and a pencil with an eraser!). If you finish, or get stuck, click here for the answer!