History of the Red Rose Library

The Red Rose Library
18 Rose Street
New York, NY 10010
+1 212 555-7673

The Red Rose Library was established in 1969 at 18 Rose Street in New York City. It has been at this location ever since catering to the patrons and their need for quality audio/visual, children's, young adult, and reference collections.

The Library began its audio collection with cassette tapes and migrated to CD-ROMs as they became popular. In the late 1990's the Library added a video tape collection and has migrated to DVD-ROM titles which account for nearly half the current video titles. Repair facilities for cassette and video tapes as well as for compact discs of all types are present in the technical services area of the library. These services are available for a small fee to our patrons.

We have been fortunate that many online database vendors have seen the benefit to providing our patrons with the use of their resources at reduced cost. As we are in New York State, we also recommend that our patrons apply for and utilize the many reference resources available to them via the New York Public Library system.