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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
  • How can I get (or renew) a Library Card?
  • Library cards are available for new applications and renewals whenever the Library is open. Bring two pieces of ID showing your address and one with your date of birth with you and ask for the Library Card form at the Circulation Desk.

  • What are the policies for on-site computer use?
  • Anyone can use any computer in any area of the Library for 15 minutes without a Library Card, or for 30 minutes with a card. To sign up for a computer time slot, or for additional information, please contact Miss S. Rose, our Audio-Visual Technician [].

  • How can I get a Web Email Address?
  • All Red Rose Library Card holders are eligible to sign up for an "" web email account. Please contact Mr. E. Rose at the Reference Desk for the form and additional information. It takes about three weeks for processing your request.

  • What Databases can I access from home?
  • How can I get answers to reference questions? The Red Rose Library Reference Desk is staffed by Mr. E. Rose [] when the Library is open. Please feel free to come in or to email Mr. Rose your reference questions.

  • Other questions?
  • Please contact Mrs. R. Rose, our Library Director [] for any other questions you might have.